Experiential Learning 

Hometown: Houston, TX


  • Columbia University | History

Job: Assistant District Attorney, Philadelphia DA’s Office

Program: Full-Time Day

My clinical experience has left a lasting impact on my time at Temple Law. Beginning by joining the Systemic Justice Clinic as 2L, I began to understand how, unfortunately, the law is often a tool used to oppress our most vulnerable people. In my 3L year, I joined the Defender Clinic and Re-entry Court Clinic, where I began to work with clients who have felt the sting of our criminal system. I am hopeful we can work together as a society to change the current trajectory for people who are ensnared by the criminal system. My clinical experiences have given me a more holistic view of the criminal system’s present and hopefully a better future.    

Participation and Leadership 

I was a leading member of the First Generation Law Owls organization. I think it is very important to create a welcoming space for first-generation students to learn, bond, and grow. Affinity groups, like First Gen Law Owls, create a further sense of belonging when you can pass advice to students who might otherwise not have a guiding family member in the legal field.   

Advice From a New Law Graduate 

My advice to entering students is that law school is hard, and thus it can feel like a pressure cooker, but you also have the choice of opting out of that pressure. Being a lawyer can carry high stakes, but one must learn to keep a cool head when others are losing their cool. Life gets easier after 1L, but you can also ease your 1L year by getting help from 2L and 3L, who have already gone through the process.   

Balancing Law School and Life 

-Talk to non-law students from time to time.  

-Walk in a park.  

-Get a pair of binoculars and look at some birds. 

-Laugh from time to time! 

Just create a space between you and some old cases! 

Motivation for Law School 

I wanted to help people, like many students before and after me! I am motivated to help marginalized people gain power. Justice requires a change to the status quo.