Hometown: Conshohocken, PA


  • University of Cincinnati, 2009 | Chemistry
  • Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Chemistry, The Ohio State University, 2015

Job: Clerkship with the Hon. Paul S. Diamond, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Program: Part-Time Evening

An Academic Community

One of my most fulfilling experiences was being a member of Temple Law Review as a Staff Editor during my 2LE year and the Lead Articles Editor during my 3LE year. As a staff editor, I of course learned a lot about writing and editing, but also got to know and work with many fellow staff editors. As the Lead Articles Editor, I was privileged to work with a group of for other amazing Articles Editors to read and discuss scholarly legal work and select articles for publication. These experiences allowed me to explore unique and interesting legal issues in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do through classes alone.

Being a Night Owl

It is often difficult as a part-time student to balance law school, work, and family obligations, but making time for doing the things I enjoy and spending time with friends and family was just as important as completing all of the assigned reading. While many weekends were completely dedicated to studying, there were others I would spend time recharging. Taking advantage of the free time I did had to have fun allowed me to be focused when I need to be. This was most difficult in the first year because I was still learning how to efficiently read cases and understand concepts. But each year it became a little easier and my life became more balanced.

Law School Lessons

Law school teaches us that we can do hard things. Law school is hard, but worth it. You will be challenged in ways you haven’t been before and you will succeed. Although you won’t always be perfect in law school, or in any other aspect of life, you will learn perseverance and tenacity that you will carry with you well after law school is over.

Advice from a Graduate

Be open minded. Many students, including myself, came to law school with a specific type of law in mind that they want to practice. But take a variety of courses, you might find something unexpected that you enjoy. Maybe more importantly, you will get to know so many more of your fellow classmates and learn from different professors.