Hometown: Los Angeles, California


  • Vanguard University of Southern California; History & Political Science

Job: Staff Attorney at Community Legal Services

Program: Full-Time Day

Law School Lessons

Law school is a difficult journey that requires perseverance. This is not a journey that can be done alone. Thankfully, Temple Law’s faculty, staff, and administration are truly invested in the success of every student. There will likely come a time when you need support, whether academically, emotionally, or otherwise. Never hesitate to reach out to the Dean of Students, any of the assistant deans, or your professors for support. As cliché as it sounds, the support, love and community at Temple Law knows no bounds! Embrace it!

Faculty Impact

Dean Bretschneider has been the most influential in shaping my legal education. She truly journeyed with me in my lowest of lows and my highest of highs these past three years. My transition to Philly from Southern California was a very difficult one. Throughout my time at Temple Law, Dean Bretschneider checked in on me to make sure I was adapting well to life at Temple and in Philly and pointed me in the direction of resources whenever I needed support. I can truly say that I wouldn’t have been able to emotionally, academically and financially navigate law school without her advice and encouragement. I am forever thankful to Dean Bretschneider for all her kindness and support!

Experiential Learning

While at Temple I participated in the Business Law Clinic, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Clinic at the Mazzoni Center and completed two practicums at Community Legal Services. During these experiences, I helped clients turn their ideas into businesses, assisted queer couples in second-parent adoptions, filed Name Change Petitions for members of the trans community, successfully lobbied members of City Counsel for changes to housing law, and assisted in dozens of cases for low-income tenants facing eviction. The classroom is where I learned to think like a lawyer; Temple practicums and clinics taught me to be a lawyer.

Temple Law Community

While at Temple, I was the President of OUTLaw, Chair of the Gender Justice Committee for the National Lawyers Guild, and the Co-Chair of the Deans’ Cup – a sports tournament and fundraiser. As OUTLaw president and the Gender Justice Chair, I threw Temple Law’s inaugural Drag Show that raised hundreds of dollars for Southerners on New Ground (SONG), a nonprofit that focuses its work on supporting members of the LGBTQ community in southern states. As Co-Chair of the Deans’ Cup, I helped plan a basketball tournament that raised thousands of dollars for students spending their summers as interns in the public interest sector. My involvement in student organizations enhanced my legal education by showing me that through inclusion and creativity, anything is possible in the legal community.

First-Time Philadelphian

If I could give my former self any piece of advice before moving, I would emphasize that “Philadelphians love Philly!” The sooner newcomers learn to love Philly, the easier the transition to the Philly way-of-life will be. I encourage anyone looking to make Philly their permanent or temporary home to seek out new restaurants, cheer on Philly sports teams, and learn SEPTA like the back of your hand. Falling in love with Philly (which is really easy to do) is a great way to find community and camaraderie among Philadelphians!