Hometown:  Countryside outside of Pittsburgh, PA

Undergraduate school: Penn State University (Main Campus)

Job: Associate at Baker & McKenzie, Chicago, IL

Student groups

Before I even arrived on campus, the leader of the Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA) reached out to me and offered any help that I might ask for. Having no lawyer relatives or friends, and really no insight into graduate education, I really appreciated his offer. I ended up becoming Vice President of LALSA, and participating in the Philadelphia Diversity Law Group (PDLG). These communities gave me a smart introduction to the legal profession by encouraging networking and communication with practicing lawyers. Through these organizations, I began to feel comfortable in a suit. I was accepted onto the Temple Law Review my 2L year, and worked on the Editorial Board my 3L year. The Law Review introduced me to the pleasure of working with close friends and colleagues, all incredibly smart and hard-working, towards a common goal. The Law Review provided some of the more challenging work I endured at law school. In the end, I was rewarded with necessary technical skills for legal practice, a new insight into the writing and research process, and strong bonds with friends that I will cherish for years to come.

Favorite faculty member

Professor Dave Hoffman taught me Contracts my first year. His teaching style was intensely and effectively Socratic. Within a short amount of time, I made it my personal mission to overcome the challenges he presented for us, his students. With enough hard work, I ended up doing just that, and became his Teaching Assistant the following year. Professor Hoffman not only impacted me greatly as a student, but also a professional. He was immediately available for any questions I had for him during my job search, and was incredibly helpful preparing me both academically and personally for the legal profession.

Making an impact

After graduation, I’ll move to Chicago and begin working for the international law firm, Baker & McKenzie. My Temple J.D. has given me the resources to explore a new city, work for an incredible firm, and hit the ground running.

Carrying Temple forward

I believe that cooperation and kindness are important characteristics that foster a successful career. Law students and lawyers may be known by some as aggressive and bullish. Temple Law showed me that the best way to support oneself is by supporting others. Over the past three years, I’ve seen leaders emerge from my class. Those leaders personify the compassionate characteristics that I value. Temple has shown me firsthand that I can work to be my best self while striving to be a great lawyer at the same time.