Kristen Amanda Lewis

Hometown: Boston, MA


  • The George Washington University, 2012 | Spanish, Psychology

Job: Associate Counsel, Tabula Rasa HealthCare Inc.

Program: Full-Time Day

Making Philly Feel Like Home

As an out of state student, the best advice I can give students desiring to make Philly home, is to fully immerse oneself in all things Philly. Being originally from Boston, I am a huge New England sports fan, which is usually a point of contention for most Philadelphians. However, embracing the sports culture here and deciding that I would try new things like eating cheesesteaks definitely helped Philly feel more like home.

Advice from a Graduate

For the next class of incoming students, I will pass along two pieces of advice. First, don’t ever stop trusting yourself. Trust that you deserve to be here, trust that you can do the work and trust that you will succeed. Everyone’s journey in law school will be different and there are several highs and lows, but always remember that trusting and believing in yourself in the past is what has afforded you the opportunities you have now. Second, remember to take care of yourself. Being a law student especially during finals can be stressful. So, continue doing the things that give you joy outside of law school while acknowledging that you may not be able to do them as frequently as before. Prior to law school, I ran almost every day and baked every weekend. However, during my 1L year, keeping up with that kind of schedule was impossible. Although I had to readjust, I created a new routine that allowed me to partake in the activities that brought me joy even if it wasn’t as often as I was used to.

Faculty Impact

There are a number of faculty members that were influential in shaping my legal education. Professors Donald Harris, Craig Green, Rachel Rebouché, Olufunmilayo Arewa and, Dean Bretschneider have all shaped my legal education and played a positive role in my experiences at Temple. However, if I were to choose one professor that has inspired me the most, it would be Professor Arewa. There are not enough words to describe how encouraging and supportive she is with absolutely everything. I had the opportunity to take three courses with her, Corporations, Corporate Finance and a Guided Research. Although these courses were incredibly intimidating to me, I’m thrilled that I decided to take them. Professor Arewa has been a great professor and a phenomenal mentor.

Temple Law Lessons

The number one lesson that I will carry with me as I leave Temple is that discomfort is truly a catalyst for growth. Throughout law school, I experienced many moments of excitement and many moments of discomfort. Experiencing socratic method for the first time, discussing my opinions with those who were not like minded, and having to find the courage to ask questions about topics I felt I should already know are all examples of times when I felt discomfort. However, pushing past the boundaries of my comfort zone has helped me to improve and grow as a legal scholar. As I embark on a new journey, my hope is that I will continue to be okay with being uncomfortable in an attempt to continue growing and enhancing my skills as an attorney.

Making Lasting Memories

One of my favorite law school memories is that during my 1L year, for at least two weeks, I thought that Barrack Hall was named after President Barack Obama and proceeded to pronounce it the way one would pronounce President Obama’s first name. Also, to make matters worse, I’m pretty sure I told a few of my family members that Temple had a hall named after President Obama. Luckily, one of my classmates who attended Temple undergrad eventually corrected me. I was pretty disappointed when she corrected me but equally happy someone finally informed me. Overall, my favorite memory is of the friendships I’ve created to share stories like this with in the future.