A Solid Investment

Bennett Lomax ’03 has a talent for making solid investments. It’s how he came to be the President and CEO of The Lomax Companies, LP and it’s why he’s a proud graduate of Temple Law.

From the beginning, Lomax had always wanted to pursue a career in investment management. A student of economic and financial thinkers both past and present, he has a passion for business in general and investing in particular. So when the time came to pursue a professional degree, Lomax did what every smart investor does: he did his research.

“I chose Temple Law primarily on the recommendation of family friends Colonel James White and Judge Clifford Scott Green,” recalls Lomax. “My admiration of them led me to consider Temple. Further exploration and comparison with other schools in the Philadelphia region made Temple Law my first choice…. I was very impressed by the character of Temple Law students.”

It was a wise choice. Once here, Lomax discovered that “the intellectual atmosphere at the Law School was almost electric.” The faculty teaching corporate finance, intellectual property, and tax law, on which he centered his coursework, were “exceptional professors, who fed and enhanced my interest.” And the students, whose character had been impressive enough for him to apply, had become collaborators in his pursuit so much so that even now he “misses discussing cases with them. It went a long way toward my education as I had many ‘Eureka!’ moments in those conversations.”

Lomax’s experience at Temple Law paid off professionally as well. After graduation he was named COO at The Lomax Companies, LP, a family run investment firm focused on venture capital and real estate. Now the President and CEO, Lomax works closely with his father and four of his five siblings to ensure the company’s continued success. Although the company’s historic focus was healthcare management, Lomax and his family have successfully transitioned to making venture investments in the field of communications and media as well – a move that has enhanced the social component of their business activities by enabling them to provide “significant capital and resources to support the economic development of the African-American community.”

Lomax gives back to the community in other ways as well, not the least of which is serving on the Temple Law Board of Visitors. In addition to lending his guidance and support to the Law School’s leadership, he values the opportunity it gives him to stay connected to the faculty and to other influential alumni, many of whom he might not otherwise have known. It also means that he can do his part to ensure that the Temple Law students of today and tomorrow can have “truly transformative” experiences like the one that has “shaped how he thinks and views the world” – yet another solid investment by a man with a talent for making them.