Hometown: Waldorf, MD


  • Towson University, Political Science

Job: Honors Attorney, United States Postal Service

Program: Full-Time Day

Academic Life

After my first year of law school I decided to participate in write-on in the hopes of joining the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal (TICLJ). I was successful and joined the Journal as a Staff Editor for the duration of my second year. I enjoyed my experience on the Journal so much that I applied for and was chosen to be the Editor-in-Chief for Volume 34. Both my experiences as a Staff Editor and as the Editor-in-Chief have contributed immensely to my legal education. My experiences on TICLJ have sharpened my legal research, writing, and Bluebook skills all while helping me become a better leader. Finally, TICLJ was a lot of fun and I was able to meet many lifelong friends through the Journal.

Faculty Impact

As a first-year law student, one of the most challenging courses you take is Legal Research and Writing (LRW). For many students, myself included, legal research and writing requires completely new skills and learning an entirely new citation style. My LRW professor, Dennis Morrow, was incredibly helpful in teaching these complex new skills in a way that made sense.

Separately, Professor Morrow was who I turned to throughout my law school experience when I wanted to chat, talk about course selection, or discuss upcoming interviews. Professor Morrow was always available to help me navigate the professional world while also providing excellent insight as to how I could best prepare for my interviews. Professor Morrow was always willing to listen to me talk about whatever was on my mind and provide whatever guidance was appropriate. I know my law school experience would not have been as great as it was without Professor Morrow.

Temple Law Lessons

Perseverance and dedication will take you far both in your legal education and in life. Law school is incredibly challenging and will sometimes push you harder than you thought possible. However, you can overcome any and all of the challenges that come your way by staying persistent and dedicated. Remind yourself of your goals and your hopes for after law school and into your professional career. The three or four years of law school will flash by quicker than you can imagine and with perseverance and dedication, you will like who you have become by graduation.