Hometown: Chatham, New Jersey

Undergraduate School: St. Joseph’s University

Job: Assistant District Attorney, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Experiential Opportunities

While at Temple I completed the Philadelphia DA’s Office Charging Unit Clinical and the Philadelphia DA’s Office Clinical. Participating in the clinical courses was one of my favorite parts of the curriculum at Temple Law. I was able to network and make valuable connections, while practicing the skills I learned in law school.

Favorite Faculty Member

It’s difficult to choose just one favorite faculty member, since so many have contributed to my experience at Temple Law! I was fortunate enough to have been in Professor Eddie Ohlbaum’s last Evidence class, and am so grateful for all he taught me. He was an excellent educator, attorney, and person. I really appreciated his ability to illustrate complex rules through real-life examples. He was tough, but wanted his students to succeed. I’ll always carry his advice and teachings with me.

Professor Jen Bretschneider was a constant source of support throughout my time at Temple Law. I learned so much from her Integrated Trial Advocacy course. She helped me bring my advocacy skills to the next level. Her passion for advocacy is contagious, and is reflected in the work of her students. Beyond the classroom, Professor Bretschneider was always approachable and available to help with career and academic advice.

Favorite Memory

My favorite memory from Temple Law is winning the Regional Trial Competition with my Trial Team partner, Charmane Martin. Together, with the help of our teammates and coaches, we brought Temple Law its 27th win in 29 years, and we worked really hard to get it. It wasn’t just the fact that we won that makes it my favorite memory; it’s what I learned about myself in the process. We logged hundreds of hours preparing, but during the competition I realized that there are some things you just can’t prepare for. It was in those unexpected moments that I came to appreciate Trial Team’s most valuable lesson– to believe in myself. For me, our trophy represents more than just a high score; it acts as a reminder that hard work pays off, and that I have what it takes to carry on Temple’s legacy of excellence in Trial Advocacy.

Making an Impact

Next year, I will be working at the Philadelphia DA’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney in the Trial Division, which is truly a dream come true. When I was in college I interned with the Philadelphia DA’s Office as an undergraduate intern, and learned that it was the career for me. My experience at Temple Law has been instrumental in achieving that goal. Temple Law offered me a myriad of different resources to best prepare me to be a successful ADA. Temple Law’s Trial Advocacy courses and my experience on the Trial Team have allowed me to practice my advocacy skills and receive invaluable feedback, and the clinical programs have made it possible for me to work at the DA’s Office during the school year, making connections that will aid with my transition. Finally, there are many former federal and local prosecutors on Temple’s faculty who have proven to be invaluable resources, and I’m looking forward to staying in touch with them during my career.

Advice for Future Owls

I was apprehensive about attending law school. I was unsure what to expect from my peers and from the faculty. I had many preconceived notions about the competitive nature of law school, but when I started at Temple I quickly realized that it was different here. Temple Law is a community. The students are involved and quick to help each other. I really appreciated Temple Law’s Academic Core Enrichment (ACE) program, in which second- and third-year law students speak to the first-years about what to expect during law school exams, time management, and the like. I found my peers to be valuable resources, not competitors. The professors are also part of the community atmosphere and are truly invested in the success of their students. They are approachable and make themselves available to their students to help make each student a success.

To the incoming class– congratulations, you made the right choice! Temple Law is an extraordinary place filled with extraordinary people. Be open and be humble. These next few years will be difficult, but you have the tools and the resources to not only get through it, but to excel. Temple Law offers professors who are at the top of their field, so take advantage of your proximity to them. Ask questions, be curious, and be proud of the legacy you are about to carry on.