Hometown: Hanover, PA

Undergraduate School: Temple University; Strategic Communications

Job: Clerkship with the Hon. Judge John J. Matheussen, New Jersey Superior Court, Gloucester County Family Division

Experiential Opportunities

I participated in three internal clinics while at Temple Law: the Legal Aid Clinic, the Business Law Clinic, and the Elder Law Clinic. During my time in the Elder Law Clinic, I was placed at the Elder Justice and Resource Center located in City Hall. I interviewed clients and drafted court documents. Because client representation is limited at the Center, I had to think on my feet and help the client as much as I could while they were sitting in front of me. One of my favorite parts about the Elder Law Clinic is that I had the chance to learn from Debra Kroll. Professor Kroll has dedicated her life to helping the underserved older population. Leading by example, Professor Kroll reminds all of us that clients should be treated with the utmost respect, regardless of age or income.

Temple Law Lessons

Coming straight through from undergrad, I was worried that my fellow classmates who gained experience after college would be at an advantage. Taking time between undergrad and law school is a great choice for some people. However, when students walk into Klein Hall for the first time, I truly believe they are on somewhat of a level-playing field. Law school is like learning an entirely new language. All law students start off learning foundational information and learn how to master the law together.

Faculty Influence

I have had the opportunity to learn from some wonderful professors during my time at Temple Law, including Robert Bartow, Laura Little, and Kathy Mandelbaum. One of my favorite memories from early on in law school was an interaction with Professor Shellenberger. During the first or second day of orientation, we had a break in one of the sessions. While walking down the hallway, I passed Professor Shellenberger who said, “Hi, Merideth! How are you?” This is a professor that I had never met before, and I had not had for class yet. So the fact that Professor Shellenberger knew my name and made a point to ask how I was doing meant the world to me, especially as a nervous 1L. On that day, Professor Shellenberger taught me that it’s the small things that really make an impact on others.

Advice to Prospective Students

For prospective students, I want to remind you that the LSATs are not determinative of how well you will do in law school nor how good of a lawyer you will be. Temple Law is a school that understands this. When I was in your shoes, I did not score as high on the LSATs as I would have liked. I didn’t think I would get accepted at Temple Law or any other school for that matter. However, Temple Law looks at the full applicant. The Admissions Committee fully reviews every application they receive. So if you’re interested in attending Temple Law, gear your application toward the school – why do you want to attend this specific law school? I also encourage you to reach out to the Admissions Office. The staff is happy to answer any questions you may have, and law students are available to give you a tour and speak about their experiences.