Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA

Undergraduate school: Harvard University

Job: Associate in Morgan Lewis’ Labor and Employment Practice Group

Student groups

During my second year, I was a staffer on the Temple Law Review, and in my third year, I became the Executive Editor of the journal. Although among the more time consuming extracurriculars I could have participated in, I really enjoyed my experience on the Law Review. As a staffer, I had the opportunity to write an article on a topic of my choosing, and with the help and support of faculty members (particularly Professor Hosea Harvey, my comment advisor) and members of the Volume 87 Editorial Board, I was fortunate enough to see that article published. Being Executive Editor, which requires working closely with every article the journal publishes, has not only improved my own writing, but has also exposed me to areas of the law I would have otherwise never learned about. I know the skills learned from my experience as a staffer and editorial board member will help me in years to come. Lastly, but most importantly, working with the talented and dedicated editorial board members and staffers gave me the chance to meet and become friends with some great people whom I look forward to staying in touch with after graduation.

Experiential opportunities

In the summer after my first year, I participated in Temple’s Summer Professional Experience Curriculum (T-SPEC) program, run by Professor Jen Bretschneider. The program was different from the typical classes taken during the school year. Professor Bretschneider focused on aspects of the legal profession that impact lawyers in real, everyday circumstances (ethics, hours, billing, etc.). The program provided a glimpse of what we (as students) would confront in various professional situations, and class discussions allowed us to assess how to best respond. During my second year, I participated in Temple’s Integrated Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP) —the positive aspects of which have long been recognized but cannot be overstated. I learned a great deal from the experience and inside knowledge offered by the program’s practicing adjunct professors—most specifically, Marissa Bluestine and Paul Messing.

Carrying Temple forward

After taking the bar, I will start work in the Labor & Employment Practice Group at Morgan Lewis, and I could not be more confident that my Temple background will enable me to successfully adapt to the challenging work that lies ahead. More importantly, throughout my time at Temple, the school has consistently underscored the law’s ability to make a real difference in the lives of those around us. Morgan Lewis is similarly committed to that principle and encourages its attorneys to give back to the community by offering services that only trained lawyers are capable of. As someone who has lived in and benefited so greatly from the city of Philadelphia, I look forward to being able to help some its citizens through pro bono work.