Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • Immaculata University, Business Administration

Job: PwC- Advisory Risk & Regulatory Consulting Senior Associate

Program: Full-Time Day

Law School Lessons

The biggest lesson that I will carry from law school is the ability to navigate professional spaces effectively. As a first generation law student/lawyer, navigating the professional spaces that Temple Law put me in was extremely difficult. However, I strongly believe that my law school experience has equipped me with a variety of tools that will not only assist in navigating professional spaces but also aid in my journey to one day own those spaces.

Faculty Impact

While there are a number of faculty members that were extremely influential in shaping my legal education, Professor Donald Harris, Professor Kristen Murray, Professor Kathy Mandelbaum, Professor Tom Lin, Professor Ramji-Nogales, Professor Margaret deGuzman, Dean Bretschnieder, and Britt Walden have impacted my path the most. Professor Donald Harris, in particular, has influenced my life tremendously. Before law school, I never had an African American male teacher, so to see Professor Harris everyday for three years made me believe that I not only belonged, but could succeed.

Advice from a Temple Law Graduate

There are two pieces of advice that I would give to incoming students. First, I would tell them to appreciate every minute of the next three to four years of their lives. Falling in love with the ups and downs of everything associated with becoming a lawyer is vital to personal development. Ultimately, when you finally achieve your goals, being able to appreciate the process feels that much better. Second, I would tell incoming students that law school is a very personal intimate journey. Every student’s path is different. There is not one way to succeed in law school. A blueprint does not exist! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself! Don’t be afraid to knock on every door possible until one opens up.

Temple Law Community

One thing that I didn’t know about Temple Law before I enrolled was how close-knit and family-like the student body was. From the first day of class, it was extremely clear that the 200 plus people I went to school with would become my family.