On Relocating to Philadelphia 

Hometown: Yuma, Arizona


  • Arizona State, B.S., Justice Studies; Arizona Western College, A.A., Administration of Justice 

Job: Montgomery County District Attorney’s office

Program: Day

Preparing myself to move from Phoenix, AZ to Philadelphia was difficult because I didn’t fully know what to expect. I started school in the Fall of 2020 which meant that there was a lot of uncertainty around the pandemic. So, I did as much research online as I could about the areas to live in, places to eat, and things to do. But ultimately, the best resource was my classmates and friends that I made once I got here. And the best part of this approach was getting to discover a city for the first time through going to recommended restaurants, cafes, and parks when I had a little free time.   

Participation and Leadership 

I was the President of the Board of Governors of the Student Bar Association and a member of the Trial Team. I would say both of these experiences contributed to my law school education in different ways. The Student Bar Association is a great way to meet people and find solutions to issues facing students every day. And the Trial Team is the best experience that you can have as a student interested in litigation. It allowed me to collaborate with some of the greatest coaches & professors in Trial Advocacy which taught me lessons that I will use every day in practice. 

Faculty Mentors 

It goes without saying that I learned a great deal from many faculty members but the most influential to me were Professors: Shellenberger, Epstein, Monroe. Professor Shellenberger is one of the most helpful people in the building and is always willing to share his time and knowledge on any topic with which he is familiar. Professor Epstein is one of the kindest professors who is always willing to entertain your ideas and help you to make them better. And Professor Monroe is one of the most supportive professors and constantly makes sure that students are taking care of themselves while they learn. Although these professors were the most influential, there are countless others that were incredibly influential such as professors: Lippy, Braccia, De Fusco, Baron, Rishikoff and so many more. 

Advice from a New Graduate 

Don’t be afraid to try. The legal field has so many different paths and careers that are possible and you really only begin to see this in law school. When I first got to Temple, I thought I wanted to pursue a career in International Law. But over my time here, I found a passion for trial advocacy that led me to a career as a prosecutor. And I don’t think I would have ever discovered this career path without keeping an open mind.   

Skills Acquired 

The course that most prepared me for my career by far was the Integrated Trial Advocacy Program. This group of courses gave me a strong foundation for how to conduct a trial and then allowed us to practice the skills in an environment that felt comfortable. I believe that this put not just me but my peers at a great advantage in the litigation career path. I was confident from the first day of my internship in skills like admitting evidence, arguing motions, and giving effective speeches which really helped me stand out to my supervisors.