Bar-Ilan Grant Program

Temple Law School will award the Martin Silverstein International Studies Grant to students participating in the Temple-Bar-Ilan law school exchange program. This award will provide recognition and up to $10,000 per semester in financial assistance to a Temple J.D. student who wishes to study at Bar-Ilan, or to a Bar-Ilan student who wishes to attend Temple’s LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers program. The student must demonstrate financial need and strong aptitude in the study of law. Priority consideration will be given to law students who attended Louisiana State University as undergraduates or who are veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Bar-Ilan students who wish to attend Temple’s LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers program in Philadelphia are also eligible for financial assistance.

Temple J.D. students should visit the Study Abroad page for information on visiting Bar-Ilan, and Bar-Ilan students should visit Temple’s LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers page to learn about the program. Students apply for the grant as part of their admissions applications.

This grant was established with the support from Temple Law alum Martin Silverstein (’79).