Cancellation & Refund Policies

If Temple cancels the program before it begins, we will immediately notify admitted students by email and post a cancellation notice on the Temple Law website. We may cancel the program in the unlikely event that too few students enroll or, if other issues arise. The decision to cancel will be at Temple’s sole discretion. Events that could necessitate cancellation include, but are not limited to, pandemic, natural disaster, act of terror, war or civil unrest, or restrictions on travel issued because of COVID-19, or because of serious security and safety concerns affecting program. If Temple cancels the program before it begins, all tuition advanced to Temple will be returned to the student as soon as practicable.

Students who voluntarily drop all of their courses on or before the first day of classes will be issued a 100% tuition refund; however, students may be responsible for various fees and costs associated with travel, orientation, or other non-refundable program, travel, and housing fees and costs.

If Temple cancels the program after the program begins, Temple will notify all participating students by email. No refund will be issued if the students are able to complete the courses online or by other alternative delivery method such that they can receive academic credit. If Temple cancels the program and does not offer an alternative delivery method to complete the remaining coursework, students may be eligible for a partial, prorated refund. Likewise, if Temple cancels or reschedules a particular course, registered students may be eligible for a partial, prorated refund corresponding to any curricular change in the event students are unable to receive the same or similar academic credit for the curricular change.

If a student voluntarily withdraws from the program or an individual course after the first day of classes, or if a student is administratively withdrawn due to attendance or disciplinary issues, the student will not qualify for any refund, except as provided by the university’s policies related to medical and excused withdrawals.

PLEASE NOTE: Temple will not be responsible for any costs you may incur, including housing, airfare and any cancellation or change fees, in the event the program is rescheduled, modified, or canceled by Temple.

U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories

Admitted students should read and understand the U.S. Department of State Country Specific Information for Japan. Whenever the Department of State revises or updates this information, Temple Law will make reasonable efforts to distribute this information to applicants, admitted students, or participants, as appropriate. U.S. citizens and nationals must also register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to enroll their trip with the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

All Temple faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad for Temple affiliated international travel are covered by International SOS, a 24-hour travel assistance program. ISOS membership is provided by Temple University and is administered by ISOS. This medical and security assistance program provides emergency response, as well as online services and travel information. Temple students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to visit Temple University’s membership page on the International SOS website to familiarize themselves with the services provided and how to activate coverage in the event of an emergency.

All Temple students should carefully review the Temple University’s International Travel Policies and Resources website.