Course Offerings

The LL.M. is a 24-credit program that can be completed in one year. We offer core courses designed for international students as well as a flexible elective curriculum that includes a multitude of courses. Our students take a combination of required and elective courses. We can assist you in choosing courses to satisfy program requirements or prepare for a U.S. bar exam.

We also offer select Study Tracks to help you focus on your interests. Although selecting a Study Track is not mandatory, we have preselected various groups of courses that our LL.M. students often choose that highlight our value and strengths. You can shape your academic experience in the LL.M. program by selecting one of our specializations.

Study Tracks

Students attend either two or three semesters, depending on personal and professional goals.

Business and Commercial Law

Core courseselective courses
CorporationsBusiness Immigration Law
Corporate Scandals and Crises
Corporate Taxation
Doing Business on the Internet: The Law of E-Commerce
Introduction to Transactional Skills
Unincorporated Business Organizations: Agency, Partnerships & LLCs

Compliance Law

Core courseselective courses
Introduction to Compliance LawInternational Compliance

A certificate in International Business Compliance may be earned simultaneously with the LL.M. if all graduation requirements for the certificate and the LL.M. degree are met independently.

International Law

core courseselective courses
International LawInternational Criminal Law
International Investment and Arbitration
International Law and Public Health
International Protection of Human Rights
Treaties and Negotiations

New York Bar

core coursesElective Courses
Constitutional Law or Introduction to the American Legal SystemNot applicable
Criminal Law
Professional Responsibility

Tax Track

Core courseselective courses
Federal Taxation: Course 600 is a prerequisite for all advanced tax law classes.Please see: Tax Law Classes

These Study Tracks are provided for reference only and will depend on course availability in any given semester.

Our Faculty

Our faculty devotes uncommon attention supporting each student’s academic and professional growth, understanding that each student is unique. The result is a community of students, faculty, and alumni in which individuals and relationships are highly valued, forming a community of common purpose that will remain with you long after graduation. Over half of Temple Law’s faculty have taught at Temple’s Rome and Tokyo campuses, as well as in Beijing and other countries, demonstrating their global interests and commitment to the needs of international students.

Taking the Bar Exam

Most U.S. states require applicants to hold a J.D. degree to seek admission to the Bar. However, a few U.S. states have historically permitted graduates of an LL.M. program, who do not hold a, to sit for the bar examination if they meet other requirements related to both their prior degree and the types of credits earned during the LL.M. program. A separate Board of Law Examiners for each state establishes and periodically revises the requirements for admission. In addition to a bar examination, there are character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission to the bar in every U.S. jurisdiction.

Transferring into the J.D. or S.J.D. Program

Admission to the J.D. program is not automatic with admission to the LL.M. program or from the award of the LL.M. degree. Main campus LL.M. graduates may only be considered for J.D. admission with transfer credit if they demonstrate an excellent LL.M. grade point average or present a competitive LSAT score.

LL.M. graduates who wish to apply to Temple’s S.J.D. program must satisfy that program’s independent admission requirements.

LL.M. Orientation

We are excited to have you join the Temple community! Our program begins with a two-week LL.M. Orientation in August (fall admission) or a one-week orientation in January (spring admission) where you will take an introductory course on the American legal system and participate in other lectures and workshops that will prepare you for law studies in the United States. During orientation, you will meet classmates, faculty, deans, and other members of the Temple family and learn about Temple’s opportunities and resources that will lay the foundation for a great experience while you are here.

In certain limited cases, students may begin our LL.M. program at the beginning of our spring semester in January. Please contact us for more information.