Full-time students attend the Day Division. The program requires three full academic years to complete and acceleration is not permitted. Classes and activities extend throughout the entire day, Monday through Friday. Full-time students are classified as first-year, second-year, or third-year full-time students. Full-time students must attend during the day and complete the Full-Time sequence of the mandated First-Year Curriculum to progress to second-year full-time status. After the first year, full-time students must register for and complete four additional full-time semesters.  A full-time semester consists of a course load of 12 to 15 credits.

Due to the rigorous nature of the study of law, first-year full-time day students are prohibited from working while enrolled in classes. Students who anticipate needing to work during the first year of law school may want to consider one of the part-time options. After the first year, full-time students may work no more than 20 hours per week.

Full-Time Mandated First-Year Curriculum (as of February 19, 2020):

First-Year Courses

Total 16 credits
Fall Semester
Course Credit/s
Contracts 4 credits
Torts 4 credits
Civil Procedure 4 credits
Legal Research and Writing I 3 credits
Intro to Transactional Skills 1 credit


Course Credit/s
Total 16 credits
Spring Semester
Property 4 credits
Criminal Law I 3 credits
Constitutional Law 4 credits
Legal Research and Writing II 2 credits
Elective “Menu” Course* 3 credits


*Students choose from the available Menu Courses during the Fall semester.