The Dual Degree Temple-Tsinghua Master of Laws program provides Tsinghua Law School students with the knowledge and skills essential to meet the changing and growing legal demands of today’s global landscape. Graduates will earn a Juris Master (J.M.) from Tsinghua Law School and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Temple Law School. The program is approved by the Ministry of Education of China and acquiesced by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Classes meet at the Tsinghua Law School in Beijing and at Temple Law School in Philadelphia. The coursework focuses on principal areas of American law studied by J.D. students in the United States, with course offerings in civil, criminal, and commercial law.

During their time in Philadelphia, students take classes, participate in interactive visits to federal and state courts, law firms, and government agencies, and visit cultural sites. Courses are taught in English by Temple and Tsinghua law faculty and adjunct professors who are expert practitioners in their fields.

Message from the Law School Deans | 院长致辞

Interim Dean Rachel Rebouché
Rachel Rebouché Dean and James E. Beasley Professor of Law
Zhou Guangquan Dean, Tsinghua University School of Law
Thank you for your interest in the Temple-Tsinghua Master of Laws (LL.M.) program in Beijing, the first accredited foreign law degree program in China. Temple established this program in 1998 as part of the rule-of-law initiatives launched by Presidents Jiang Zemin and Bill Clinton. To date, nearly 800 students have graduated from this program. The friendship between Temple and China dates back to 1979, when Temple bestowed an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree upon Deng Xiaoping. Since then, Temple has built enduring bonds of cooperation with the Chinese government and universities, especially Tsinghua University.

The Temple-Tsinghua LL.M. program is the most renowned cooperative legal education program in China, having been recognized by both the U.S. and Chinese governments. The U.S. Senate stated that Temple “has succeeded in furthering the goal of promoting collaborative legal exchanges between the United States and China.” Similarly, President Jiang Zemin noted the program’s “lofty mission in educating qualified legal professionals in China.”

Students benefit from systematic study of U.S. law as well as a diverse classroom environment with students from the public and private sectors. Chinese judges, prosecutors, government officials, law professors, and lawyers all come together to discuss fundamental legal concepts in U.S. law. They share their diverse perspectives with each other as well as with American law professors and practicing lawyers.

In addition, the program provides students with the opportunity to exchange views with U.S. judges, including visits to U.S. courts during the summer session in Philadelphia. Students also benefit from the program’s broad alumni network in China and around the world.

The unique strengths of the program include broad-ranging faculty expertise, comprehensive and practice-oriented courses, and extensive resources available at both Tsinghua and Temple. The program’s curriculum offers rich insight into U.S. law, allowing students to enhance their reasoning process and develop analytical skills while improving their ability to succeed in international legal practice.

We invite you to apply to the program and become a member of the Temple-Tsinghua family.

Highly Ranked Programs | 持续上升的排名

Our students benefit from access to Temple’s world-class faculty as well as support through individualized academic and career advising. The 2023 U.S. News and World Report ranks Temple Law as a top law school, ranked nationally for its Trial Advocacy (#2), International Law (#10), Health Care Law (#17), and Legal Writing (#25).

Temple has risen notably in the annual list of “Go-To Law Schools” produced by in collaboration with the National Law Journal, which ranks schools by the number of graduates headed to the top 100 firms. It also earned a “Best Value” rating from the National Jurist magazine.

Program Directors | 项目主任

Long Jun | 龙俊

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University School of Law

Long Jun is an Associate Professor at the Tsinghua University School of Law. He received his doctorate degree in Law (PhD) from Tsinghua University, was a visiting scholar at Hokkaido University, and completed a post doctorate at Beijing University. He teaches civil law, Chinese property law, debtor/creditor law, contract law, family law, marriage and family law. He has been ranked among the top 5% in teaching evaluations at Tsinghua University and was awarded the university’s silver prize for practical teaching.


Tarrant Mahony | 麦泰伦

Associate Professor of Law, China Program, Temple University Beasley School of Law

Tarrant Mahony is an Associate Professor of Law and the Director of Temple University’s LL.M. Program in Beijing. He has taught in the program continuously since its founding in 1999. Professor Mahony is also a Specially-Invited Professor of Law at Tsinghua University School of Law, Temple’s partner university in Beijing.