Tuition and Expenses | 学费

Tuition and books for the students entering the program in August 2020 or August 2021: RMB 180,000 (estimated, subject to final approval by the Temple University Board of Trustees)

Payment of Tuition | 学费支付方式           

Tuition must be made in three installments during the program. The first two installments of RMB 75,000 yuan are paid at the beginning of the Fall I and Spring terms. The third installment, the USD equivalent of 30,000 yuan, is paid at the beginning of the Philadelphia summer session.

Summer Session in Philadelphia | 费城夏季课程           

Students are responsible for all their living expenses for the summer session in Philadelphia, including transportation, room and board, university fees, health insurance, and medical and repatriation coverage costs.

Housing in Beijing | 住宿问题

Students must provide their own housing in China. The program is not able to guarantee housing on the Tsinghua campus.

Refund Policy | 退款政策

Tuition refunds will be provided only to those students who formally withdraw from the program. Refunds are provided on a pro rata basis for courses not attended and for which books have not already been ordered. Any such tuition refund requests must be made in writing to the program director before the start of any term.