Students who wish to study at another ABA approved, AALS member law school during their third year may apply a maximum of 30 transfer credits toward their Temple degree. To receive credit for work at another law school, a student must receive advance permission from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and have all courses approved in advance.

Permission to study at another school in the second year requires Administrative Committee approval.

No credit will be accepted for courses in which the student received below the average grade required for graduation at the transferring institution, which generally means a ‘C’ or better. Pass/fail courses do not meet this requirement. No credit will be given for internships. The grades earned for a full semester at the transferring institution will not be calculated into the student’s G.P.A. at Temple.

Students who wish to transfer credits from another law school to Temple Law School must have the visited school send an official transcript to the Temple Law School Office of Academic Records upon completion of each semester spent visiting.

Due to the differing graduation dates, it is possible that visiting at another school in the final year could delay a student’s Temple graduation date and could affect the student’s ability to take the July bar examination.