Successful Completion of Prerequisites

To be eligible to register for an advanced course that requires a prerequisite, a student must have successfully completed the prerequisite course by earning the grade of “D” or better. If a student has retaken a course, only the grade received in the retaken course determines if the prerequisite course has been successfully completed.

A student who is taking or has just completed a prerequisite course for which the Office of Academic Records has not yet received a grade may register for the advanced course, provided that the student must withdraw from the advanced course if the student’s grade when received does not satisfy the requirement of “successful completion”.

A student who received a grade in a prerequisite course that did not satisfy the requirement of successful completion may, having petitioned the Administrative Committee and demonstrated special circumstances, be allowed by the Committee to demonstrate competence in the subject matter of the prerequisite course by taking a specially administered examination and achieving a grade of “C” or better. A student who has demonstrated competence may register for or remain registered in advanced courses for which the course that was the subject of the petition is a prerequisite.

The grade for the specially administered exam shall determine only whether the student has demonstrated competence; the grade shall not appear on the student’s transcript nor be included in the student’s cumulative grade point average, and the student will not earn academic credit for that exam.


To remain enrolled in a course which requires a corequisite, a student must either have completed the corequisite course or be enrolled in the corequisite course. (Successful completion of the corequisite course is not required).