Temple Law Student Affairs

At Temple Law School, we strive to create and maintain a safe, diverse, inclusive community in which students can thrive. We recognize, however, that sometimes incidents happen. You can report any situations or seek assistance from the following members of the Student Affairs team:

Alternative Student Assistance – Omsbudpeople

​While most issues that arise in students’ lives can be handled first by Student Affairs at the law school, the Ombudspeople listed below are faculty members, independent of the law school administration, whom you can speak with in a highly confidential manner in addition to, or in lieu of, Student Affairs.  Please feel welcome to contact the Ombudspeople for advice or guidance.​

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Feedback

It is important for students to feel comfortable, valued, and heard. While you should always feel comfortable approaching your professors or anyone in the administration, we recognize there are times when students might prefer to approach the law school team, either anonymously or by name, using an online format.

Temple Law School and the University strictly prohibit any form of retaliation or retribution against any individual who reports, in good faith, an actual, potential or suspected issue regarding compliance with applicable laws or regulations or university policies. Whether or not you choose to remain anonymous, all submissions will be reviewed by Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Liaison Donald Harris; Assistant Dean for Students Jen Bretschneider; and Assistant Dean Shyam Nair.

While we do not discourage anonymous reporting, please recognize that there is no ability to have two-way communication if you complete this form anonymously. Despite this limitation, all submission, anonymous or not, are taken seriously. We will respond to your questions and appropriately handle your concerns. In certain circumstances, we might be required to forward questions or concerns to other university offices for assistance in providing the right response. We ensure that all matters will be conducted fairly and appropriately.

You can use the form:

  • make a suggestion regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion at the law school
  • get more information about resources, trainings, and programs available to students
  • report a concern about a faculty member, staff member, or student at the law school regarding a lack respect for diversity or concerns about a lack of inclusion