For Temple Law Students and Graduates

Temple alumni and students seeking employment in another region may request that the Office of Career Services send a letter of introduction to a law school career services office in that area. This reciprocal arrangement allows the Temple student or graduate to have access to the job postings of another law school for a limited amount of time. Identify the law schools in your region of interest, and review their websites for information on their reciprocity policies. After you have selected an appropriate school, contact, and we will make the reciprocity request for you.

For Non-Temple Law Students and Graduates

Reciprocity requests by students and graduates of other law schools must be made in writing, and sent via email to Grants of reciprocity will be made in adherence with the following policy.

Reciprocity Policy

(Revised 1/29/2010)

Temple University Beasley School of Law Office of Career Services (OCS) provides reasonable access to resources for students and graduates of other law schools on the following terms:

  1. Reciprocity is available on a limited basis to students and graduates of ABA-accredited law schools that permit Temple students and graduates to use their services. OCS reserves the right to adjust this policy if the requesting school has a more restrictive policy.
  2. A letter or an email message requesting reciprocity must be sent to Temple in advance by an official from the career services office of the student’s law school. Walk –in requests will not be honored. This letter or email message must be written on behalf of a particular student. Remember to include your student’s or graduate’s email address in your correspondence, which should be directed to Molly Driscoll, Program Coordinator, Temple University Beasley School of Law, 1719 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122 or sent to
  3. Temple’s resources are not available to students and graduates of other ABA accredited law school members of the Greater Philadelphia Area Law Schools Consortium.
  4. Reciprocity services include off-site online access to our job postings through the Career Planning Manager (CPM – powered by 12Twenty). This access will last for six-months from the date of the activation of the CPM account (there is no blackout period for this access). Services do not include in person visits to the Office of Career Services or other areas of the law school. They do not include participation in on-campus interviews, job fairs, blind listings, mailings, resume referral or counseling.
  5. Schools seeking reciprocity must abide by the agreement established by the GPALS Consortium, which provides that a reciprocal agreement on behalf of an individual can be arranged only at one member law school.
  6. Applicants granted reciprocity must state in cover letters to employers that the job listings were provided by Temple University Beasley School of Law Office of Career Services through a reciprocal agreement with their school.
  7. The Office of Career Services reserves the right to restrict or revoke reciprocity privileges to any individual who misuses the facilities or services or to any school or individual who surpasses a reasonable or equitable number of requests. Temple may also restrict or suspend reciprocity access at any time as circumstances warrant, in light of the needs of Temple students and the Office of Career Services’ professional responsibility to meet the needs of Temple students first and foremost.