The Office of Career Services (OCS) works with the Office of Graduate and International Programs to provide international LL.M. students and alumni with lifelong, one-on-one career services and professional development support.

This service starts when you begin your studies at Temple and extends for the balance of your career. Our LL.M. graduates rely on our continued career support, and we often meet with alumni when they are planning a career change or looking to advance in their career.

For students in Temple’s specialized LL.M. programs (such as Tax and Trial Advocacy), please consult with the program’s faculty director to learn how the program and OCS work together to assist with career development.

Our career services support is comprehensive. First, OCS and the Office of Graduate and International Programs help students establish a network of legal professionals to provide professional development advice and guidance. Second, we work individually with students and alumni to provide job search strategies as well as review of written application materials. Each student receives:

  • A job search handbook for international LL.M. students;
  • Sample resumes and cover letters, along with one-on-one review and revision;
  • Mock interviews with members of the OCS staff and Philadelphia legal community;
  • Workshops and networking events; and
  • Support to apply to attend NYU’s Annual International Student Interview Program.

Karen McMichael, Esq., Director of International Programs, consults with each student to ensure the courses they select meet their career goals and set them up for success upon graduation and meets with each student to review and revise student and alumni cover letters and resumes, prepare for interviews, and brainstorm about career options and job seeking strategies.

Moreover, OCS conducts mock interviews and provides individual coaching to students to help them prepare for the rigors of a job search. Additionally, OCS holds seminars on job search strategies and specialized training sessions that are tailored to international LL.M. students.

Temple University’s Career Center also supports international LL.M. students with workshops, communications, coaching, and job counseling.

Further, OCS maintains a database of job postings as well as subscriptions to online job search resources that LL.M. students can access upon request.

To make an appointment with Karen McMichael, Esq., in the Office of Graduate and International Programs, students and alumni should email To make an appointment with OCS, please email We look forward to working with you to discover and obtain the best position for you!

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