Equal justice under law is not just a caption on the facade of the Supreme Court building. It is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society . . . It is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.

United States Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, Jr.

Public interest is a longstanding Temple tradition. Located in Philadelphia, home to a vibrant and unique public interest legal community,Temple strives to instill in each student a commitment to the values of providing equal access to justice and pro bono service. Each year we place graduates in public interest employment at a rate well above the regional and national averages, solidifying our position as a leader in public interest legal education and training. Our Office of Public Interest Programs offers career counseling, public interest programming, and pro bono opportunities. It serves as a central resource for information on public interest initiatives, events and opportunities on and off campus.

Whatever their individual career aspirations, Temple encourages all students to begin meeting their ethical obligations as future lawyers by offering them pro bono opportunities and community service activities. Temple recognizes student pro bono and public interest commitment through the Rubin Public Interest Honor Society, administered by the Office of Public Interest Programs. Typically, about a third of the graduating class qualifies for the honor society. It is also part of the Temple tradition to connect to community through neighborhood service projects unrelated to the law.

Temple’s emphasis on helping others allows students to feel supported and nurtured in their desire to provide service to their communities.