During the Fall 2020 semester, the Office of Admissions is working remotely, and all of our fall recruiting will take place virtually.  A list of the events we will be participating in is below.  We will be adding additional events throughout the semester. We hope you will be able to join one of these events and meet with one of our admissions representatives.

We also encourage you to visit our schedule of online Information Sessions and Area of Study webinars for additional opportunities to learn more about Temple Law School and the application process. 

Spring 2021 Virtual Recruiting Events

  • January 21st                      Emory University Virtual Law School Fair
  • January 26th                     University of Alabama Law School Fair
  • January 27th                      Auburn University Law School Fair
  • February 9th                      Tuskegee University Virtual Law School Fair

Fall 2020 Virtual Recruiting Events

  • September 15th                 Villanova University Virtual Law School Fair
  • September 25th                 HBCU Pre-Law Summit & Law Expo
  • September 26th                 LSAC Digital Forum
  • September 30th                 Ohio Virtual Law Expo
  • October 7th                          Greater Pittsburgh Virtual Law Fair
  • October 15th                       Diversity Pre-Law Symposium & Admissions Fair
  • October 13th                       LSAC Digital Forum
  • October 15th                       University of Delaware Graduate and Law School Fair
  • October 16th                       Rutgers Camden Graduate School Expo
  • October 18th                       Latino-Justice Law Day
  • October 21st                        Univ. of Florida Graduate & Professional School Fair
  • October 21st                        Penn State Graduate and Professional School Day
  • October 22nd                      Philadelphia Law School Fair
  • October 27th                       Lehigh Valley Law Day
  • October 28th                       Temple University Graduate School Fair
  • October 28th                       Midwest Assoc. of Pre-Law Advisors Virtual Caravan
  • October 29th                       Indiana University of Pennsylvania Law School Fair
  • November 4th                    LSAC Digital Forum
  • November 5th                    Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Conference
  • November 6th                   Morehouse College Pre-Law Fair
  • November 11th                  New Jersey Law School Admissions Day
  • November 10th                 Univ. of North Carolina Law School Information Fair
  • November 13th                  National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair
  • December 12th                  LSAC Digital Forum

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