Classical Rhetoric and the Modern Trial Lawyer

This article provides a description of the way 21st century advocates can benefit by using classic rhetorical principles.

The Next Phase

This article considers the ways in which the current LGBT rights movement is poorly positioned to contend with its “next phase,” in which LGBT people will experience formal equality under the law, but will find themselves unable to easily gain access to their newly won equal rights.

Getting Queer Priorities Straight

This article explores the ways in which a more robust link to direct legal service programs can help LGBT impact litigation organizations answer critiques and create a scheme for prioritizing legal issues that is more pluralistic and democratic.

We’re Not Running a Charity Here

This article posits that large firms are mainly motivated to engage in pro bono for business reasons, and that the result of these so-called “bottom-line” motivations are pro bono programs that actually harm the public interest agencies with which they partner.