Advocacy Blogs and Other Resources

Advocacy Teaching Blog
This blog is for everyone -however they serve our legal system – who is committed to improving the teaching of advocacy skills and ethics so that parties and the community are well served by persuasive and ethical advocates.

Appellate Advocacy Blog
Law professors’ views on appellate advocacy and issues involving appellate courts and judges

News & analysis of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

The Confrontation Blog
All developments pertaining to the right of Confrontation and hearsay

Crim Prof Blog
Part of the Law Professors Blog Network, this blog features work submitted by top criminal law academics.

Cross Examination Blog
A blog focused on cross-examination featuring Ronald Clark

Evidence Profs
Comments on cases and evidence law developments

The Excited Utterance Podcast
A thoughtful, lawyer-friendly podcast featuring Evidence Professors and
others discussing issues and trends in Evidence law.

Forensic Resources
Hosted by Sarah Rackley, the Forensic Resource Counsel for Indigent Defense Services of North Carolina with news updates, analysis of current issues in forensic science, and links to other online resources for attorneys.

Forensic Science, Statistics & the Law
Commentary on news and publications at the intersections of scientific evidence, forensic science, and statistics, authored by Professor David Kaye.

Good Bad Law
A weekly podcast on current topics in the law and public life.

The Jury Room
A potpourri of topics is covered by jury consultants at Keene Trial Consulting in Austin, Texas.

K&L Gates: Electronic Discovery Law
Legal issues, news and best practices relating to the discovery of electronically stored information

The Legal Advocate
A blog on trial advocacy sponsored by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

Persuasive Litigator
Posts by a “litigation consultant” offer persuasion strategies for use in both the pretrial and trial phases of litigation in jury, bench or arbitration settings.
An online forensic evidence searchable database

Pretrial, Trial, Appellate & Evidence Blog
Featuring Ronald Clark

Supreme Court of the United States

Sentencing Law and Policy

Simple Justice
A thoughtful, up-to-date and occasionally humorous view of the criminal law written from and for the criminal defense perspective.

The Wrongful Conviction Blog
Addressing actual innocence and wrongful conviction issues with an international perspective and scope