Taking Photos

  • Photos taken with a phone are fine. There is no need to use a stand-alone camera.
  • Take a lot of photos and browse through to find a few that you think capture your event well.
  • Take a variety of photos.
  • Try turning your phone horizontally for a wider photo.
  • Be mindful of what is in the background—remove any trash on desks—tuck in any loose computer cords, etc.
  • Try to take flattering photos when you can i.e., avoid taking pictures of people while they’re eating or drinking, or looking down etc.
  • Take photos that are appropriate for school use—no signs of alcohol, wearing other school clothing, or anything else that could be deemed inappropriate. Exercise your professional judgment.

The People in your Pictures and Video/Audio Recordings

  • Guest speakers and alumni need to approve the use of their images by signing an Image Consent and Release Form.
  • We do not currently require a release form for current Temple Law students and faculty.
  • Include names and titles when sending pictures. Please include graduation years for students and alumni. We will need this information to use the photography provided.

Download Blank Consent & Release Form (PDF)

Sending Photos

  • Send unedited photos, with the name of your student group and event name to lawcomm@temple.edu.
  • When in doubt, send more than one photo

If you have any questions or concerns about taking or sending photos, please contact Alex Peachey at lawcomm@temple.edu or 215 204 3807.