The Women’s Law Caucus was proud to host Milana Hogan, co-chair of the Grit Project, an ABA initiative designed to help women in the legal profession assess and cultivate their own “grittiness.” Ms. Hogan is the director of Recruiting & Professional Development at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and a co-chair of The Grit Project Committee, an initiative of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession.

 Grit, as explained by University of Pennsylvania psychologist and researcher Angela Duckworth in this TED talk, is “passion and perseverance over the long term.” A recent study by the National Association of Women Lawyers has found that grit and a related trait, growth mindset, were stronger predictors of success among women in law than many more traditional characteristics. The Grit Project provides tools and resources for women lawyers to assess and increase their “grittiness” in order to enhance their opportunities for professional success. 

Growth mindset is the belief that talents and abilities are malleable and can be learned or improved through effort over time. The converse belief, that talents and abilities are innate and cannot be developed, is called a fixed mindset.

The Women’s Law Caucus hosted The Grit Project as part of a continuing effort to make available resources and strategies that can help all members of the Temple Law community in their pursuit of professional success.