From L to R: Cormick McLaughlin, Christian Taffe, Taylor Maurer, and Sam Heyman

The National Trial Team squad of Taylor Maurer, Sam Heyman, Cormick McLaughlin, Ananya Kulkarni, and Christian Taffe won the regional tournament of the American Association for Justice’s Student Trial Advocacy Competition, held virtually March 10-13, 2022. The team will represent Temple at the competition’s national round, held April 8-10, 2022.

“This team brought their very best to this competition,” said Director of Advocacy Programs Jules Epstein. “Every member of the team demonstrated exceptional skill, poise, and resilience, and even in the face of unexpected challenge, they persevered. They exemplified everything Temple stands for, and we could not be more proud.”

“This is a tough tournament and we squared off against some good teams. But this team, following the lead of our ‘captain’ Taylor Maurer, was resilient and gritty,” said 2L Sam Heyman. “This victory shows that the Temple way can be a winning formula. Work hard, over-prepare, play fair, and learn as much as you can from each other and the amazing coaches.”

Second-year law student Cormick McLaughlin agreed. “This was a tough competition, but we followed the Temple way and got the win,” he remarked. “I’m really grateful for the leadership and skill of my fellow teammates and thankful to our coaches and trial advocacy professors.”

Maurer, the only 3L on the team, personified the power of the “Temple way.” When a team member took ill after day one, Maurer learned their role and then, for the rest of the competition alternated as defense and plaintiff counsel, something no student on any other team had to do – and that she did at the top of her game. In addition, 2L Chris Taffe, whose initial role was to provide tech support, stepped in to flawlessly perform two witness roles.

“We are so proud to bring home this win for Temple,” said Maurer. “It’s a huge accomplishment not only because of AAJ’s reputation, but because our team had to overcome several obstacles just to compete, much less win. We owe this win to our tireless coaches, team communication, and spirit!”

The team was coached by LL.M. Director Marian Braccia, trial team alum and Philly Assistant D.A. Lauren Doig, and Director of Advocacy Programs Jules Epstein. Professor Ken Jacobsen also provided guidance and insights into the complexities of civil litigation.

Top row from L to R: Professor Jules Epstein, Ananya Kulkarni, and Cormick McLaughlin
Middle row from L to R: Taylor Maurer, Sam Heyman, and Christian Taffe
Bottom row: Lauren Doig LAW ’21

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