On September 20, 2022, Temple University welcomed Dean Oren Perez of Bar-Ilan University (BIU). Dean Perez, who previously served as dean of BIU’s faculty of law, is now head of their Multidisciplinary School for Sustainability and the Environment.

While at Temple Law, Dean Perez met with faculty to discuss common areas of interest and explored scholarly collaboration among our schools. He also delivered a lecture to students and faculty on Longtermism and the Law, where he shared his research on how law has a profound effect on the future–and the legal tools available to help solve cross-generational collective action problems such as climate change and autonomous artificial intelligence.

During his visit to main campus, he also met with Provost Gregory Mandel, Sustainability Faculty and Administrators, and the Office of Global Engagement to explore additional collaborations with Temple University. His visit occurred shortly after President Jason Wingard and Provost Mandel visited Israel in August to strengthen academic collaborations in Israel and the Middle East.

BIU and Temple Law entered into a partnership agreement in 2019. Professor Jules Epstein taught a course at BIU on ‘Problems in U.S. Criminal Law’ last December, and will be teaching that course again this year. Temple Law also invited BIU faculty to come to Temple as visiting research scholars and to co-teach courses in subjects of mutual interest.

Through this partnership, four BIU students have come to Temple, and one Temple Law J.D student is studying at BIU this fall. Funding to support student exchange is offered through the generous support of the Joseph and Beatrice Weintraub Fund International Studies Grant and Martin Silverstein International Studies Grant.