April 16, 2013 – MIGWiz, a firm founded by Jason Lamb ’13 and
business partner Rahman Carter, is a finalist in the Fox School’s
Be Your Own Boss Bowl business plan competition, which encourages
and supports the launch of sustainable new firms. Firms will
compete for a grand prize of over $125,000 in cash and professional
products and services. The total prize pool is over

As described by Lamb, “MIGWiz addresses the frustration of MIG
welders, caused by the constant removal of stubborn spatter from
the MIG welding gun.” Lamb explained further that “spatter is
molten metal that can build up and clog the welding gun during the
welding process. The current MIG welding plier has only limited
utility as a spatter removal device, and often the welder must stop
work and use separate files and chipping tools to clean spatter.
MIGWiz adds a file grooved surface to the pliers’ jaws, allowing
for easy removal of spatter build up without interrupting the
welding process. This innovation saves time, increases productivity
and lowers costs, creating value for both welders and welding shop
owners. Through our patented MIG plier design, we hope to gain a
foothold in the $28 million per year US MIG welding plier

Lamb’s business partner is Rahman Carter, a welder first class
with six years experience and the inventor of the patented
improvement to the standard MIG welding plier. Carter is a former
student of the Fox School.

The Be Your Own Boss Bowl results will be announced on at a
reception at the Fox School on April 25, 2013.