TempleLaw has been ranked #11 nationally for black law students by On Being A Black Lawyer (OBABL), a respected social media firm recognized by the American Bar Association, National Black Law Students Association, and National Association of Black Journalists. The full rankings report will be released on Wednesday, October 17.

Rather than compile a single numerical score, OBABL designed a new matrix intended to provide an accurate portrayal of the experiences and opportunities most likely to be available to black law students during and after law school at each of the ranked institutions.  OBABL ranks law schools as follows: The Best 25 National Law Schools for Black Students; The 5 Best Regional Law Schools (For each of the 6 regions); The 10 Best Bargain Law Schools; and The 10 LL.M. Programs We Recommend for Foreign Students.

“We highly endorse the law schools that appear on our list. After months of careful and meticulous research, we are confident these law schools provide the clearest path to law school success for future black attorneys,” said OBABL’s CEO and publisher, Yolanda Young.