Located in Haryana in the metro Delhi region, Jindal Global University (JGU) is ranked as the top private university in India

Temple signed our first partnership agreement with Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) in 2011, which is ranked as the top law school in India. The original agreement allowed for student and faculty exchange. We renewed our agreement in 2020, adding in provisions for visiting research scholars and 4+1 and 2+1 dual degree programs. To date, 31 JGLS students have come to Temple, making Temple Law one of JGLS’s key partners. 

Chancellor Kumar is well-recognized in international legal circles as an international law scholar and higher education visionary. During his visit to the Temple University Japan law program in 2002, he said he was inspired by Temple’s early action in international legal education, which led him to establish JGU in 2009. Since then, the university has grown exponentially in facilities, faculty and students, with the JGLS alone now having over 4,000 students. 

On February 13, 2023, Temple Law’s Assistant Dean John Smagula, who leads the international and graduate programs, visited JGLS to strengthen our partnership, present to the law students, and meet with Temple-JGLS alumni. “JGU truly is a truly global university,” he said, “with hundreds of academic and student mobility collaborations around the world. Chancellor Kumar has set the bar for global engagement, and we’re delighted that Temple University helped form and remains part of his vision. We have always enjoyed receiving JGLS students and look forward to receiving the next group.” 

Dean Rebouché welcomed the chancellor and discussed ways to increase collaboration, including inviting JGLS students to attend the Summer Abroad in Rome program, thus further expanding their international opportunities. Chancellor Kumar said his work with Temple University will remain a top priority.