Temple Law School recently celebrated the 20th
anniversary of the Law Program in Japan, a study abroad experience
held each year at Temple University’s campus in Tokyo.  As the
only ABA-approved study abroad experience in Asia, Temple’s program
is a sought-after destination for law students from around the

Representing the Temple Law faculty were Dean JoAnne Epps,
Associate Deans Duncan Hollis and Greg Mandel, and Professors Salil
Mehra and Jaya Ramji-Nogales.  As a part of the celebration,
the faculty members held a day-long symposium discussing their
various fields of study:  cybersecurity (Hollis), intellectual
property (Mandel), antitrust (Mehra), and human rights and
development (Ramji-Nogales). 

“It’s really significant that Temple University made a
commitment to this country 32 years ago and that our program made a
commitment 20 years ago,” remarked Dean Epps. “And I’m really proud
that we get to celebrate this passage of time and rededicate our
commitment to legal education in Japan.”