Temple lawyers have long been known for their ability to get things done. That reputation is reflected in this month’s “Who’s Next” report at Billy Penn, featuring 18 up-and-coming legal “movers and shakers” – eight of whom are Temple Law alumni.

Jennifer Coatsworth LAW ’03, Jim Engler LAW ’13, Kevin Harden LAW ’10, Erin Lamb LAW ’10, Hadji Maloumian LAW ’10, Amber Racine LAW ’08, Gregory Seltzer LAW ’04, and Steve Silver LAW ’13 all made the list.

Erin Lamb and classmate Kevin Harden both credited Temple Law with giving them the confidence necessary to deliver for their clients. “Criminal law is a very high stakes area of practice,” said Harden. “Before a lawyer can gain the trust of a judge, jury, victim of crime, or prospective client, the lawyer must possess a certain confidence in their skills and ability. Temple Law provided me with an education that I can be proud of and the confidence I have in my legal education allows me to be at ease when communicating with decision-makers of all backgrounds.”

Lamb concurred, noting that, “the decision to attend Temple has been the most important one I’ve made in my professional career. Temple graduates take care of fellow Owls, and time and again other Owls opened doors for me, encouraged me, and pushed me forward when I needed it. I’ve been privileged to be surrounded by Temple grads as bosses, mentors, interns, colleagues, and friends in all of the positions I’ve held. We’re able to do that for each other because we know the quality of the education we received, the commitment that Temple has to law as a noble profession, and the depths of Temple’s service to Philadelphia. That legacy creates an expectation on every graduate to excel and give back, and it all starts on North Broad Street.”

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