On June 3, 2022, Temple Law School signed a new partnership agreement with the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli department of law, based in Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta), Italy (“Vanvitelli”). This agreement adds to the international opportunities available to Temple Law students and recent graduates and expands the law school’s global network.

Vanvitelli Department of Law Dean Lorenzo Chieffi, one of Italy’s leading scholars on public and constitutional law, said, “We are very excited about this partnership with Temple University law school and the opportunities that will be created for our students. We welcome Temple Law faculty and students to come to Vanvitelli, and likewise, we are eager send our law students to Temple as part of our new 4+1 dual degree program. I am sure both schools will be greatly enriched by this partnership.”

John Smagula, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs at Temple, recently met with Dean Chieffi and his colleagues Professors Maria Eugenia Bartoloni, director of the five-year magistral degree in law program, and Maria Pia Iadicicco to advance the partnership. He said, “Vanvitelli is developing a global vision for legal education, and we look forward to working closely together on faculty exchange, student mobility, and other educational programs to achieve our mutual goals. Temple’s work in Italy has largely focused on Rome, and we are excited to expand our collaborations in Southern Italy.”

As an immediate first step, Vanvitelli invites Temple JD alumni, including recent graduates, to apply to their PhD in law in internationalization of legal systems and fundamental rights, as directed by Professor Claudio De Fiores. The application deadline is July 15 to start in Fall 2022. The program is fully funded. Please visit this link for application information.

The Vanvitelli-Temple partnership was spearheaded by Temple University oncologist Antonio Giordano, who earned his medical degree at Vanvitelli. “Temple University has many promising opportunities in Italy,” said Dr. Giordano, “and I am delighted to see the law school is taking this important step. I am confident that this partnership will become a meaningful part of each university’s global portfolio.”