Dean Gregory Mandel has named Professor Jennifer Bretschneider as Assistant Dean for Students, filling the vacancy created when former Dean for Students Marylouise Esten was appointed Temple University’s Deputy Provost. Professor Emerita Eleanor Myers has been serving as Interim Dean for Students since January.

In announcing the appointment to faculty and staff, Dean Mandel praised Bretschneider for her “thoughtfulness, insight, and student-centered approach,” expressing “confidence that she will do an exceptional job in this new role.” Myers agreed. “Jen Bretschneider will be a wonderful Dean for Students,” she said. “She brings not only tremendous experience both as an administrator and a lawyer, but also an enthusiasm for our students and for their success. She is deeply devoted to them.”

Bretschneider has been teaching at Temple Law since 2005, first as an Adjunct Professor and then as an Associate Professor of Law and the Director of Experiential Programs since 2012. In those roles she focused her energy and creativity on making the practice of law real to our students by developing their skills, judgment and ethics. She is an accomplished litigator who served in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office prior to joining Temple Law. Bretschneider enjoys working on developing pathways for people to do things they didn’t think were possible. “The Temple Law School community is vibrant, engaged, and supportive. My role is to help students thrive as members of this community and take advantage of all that Temple has to offer. Every student’s journey will be different. My job is to help develop the unique academic, personal, and professional goals of each student while holding them accountable to Temple Law’s high standards and expectations.”

Bretschneider comes to the job with ideas for putting that vision to work. “Temple Law has a student-centered approach. I am excited to focus on our long-standing tradition of valuing wellness, academic advising and support, and community.” And while she’s eager to get started, Bretschneider says she still plans to spend some time in the classroom. She will teach in the Introduction to Transactional Skills (ITS) program this fall. “I’ve seen first-hand how committed she is to our students, and I can’t think of anyone with more to offer as Assistant Dean for Students than Jen. This is a big win for everyone,” Director of Advocacy Programs Jules Epstein remarked.

Bretschneider says her commitment to the best interests of Temple Law students is what makes this role a good one for her. “If my decisions are in the best interests of the students, then I am certain my professional compass is pointed in the right direction. Students are always at the center of what I do. And there’s nowhere I’d rather be doing it than Temple Law.”