Professor Jaya Ramji-Nogales has been named to Lawyers of Color
magazine’s 50 Under 50 list, a comprehensive catalog of minority
law professors making an impact in legal education.

In addition to her prolific scholarship, including three books,
several book chapters, and highly placed law review articles
exploring the intersection of immigration and human rights law,
Professor Ramji-Nogales blogs regularly at IntLawGrrl and
Concurring Opinions, both influential blogs in their fields. 
She speaks around the world on immigration, human rights, and
transitional justice.  Her scholarship is connected to her
human rights work in Cambodia, Uganda, and South Africa, and she
continues to serve as a legal advisor to the Documentation Center
of Cambodia, which works toward accountability for Khmer Rouge

The complete list will be released on April 7th in Lawyers of
Color’s  Law School Diversity Issue (2014).