Professor Duncan Hollis has been elected to a 3 year term on the
Executive Council of the American Society of International Law

Professor Hollis is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and
James E. Beasley Professor of Law. His scholarship focuses on
issues of authority in international and foreign affairs law.
Hollis has focused on treaties and cyberspace as the key subjects
for his studies of authority. He is the editor of the Oxford Guide
to Treaties (OUP, 2012) which was awarded the 2013 ASIL Certificate
of Merit for high technical craftsmanship and utility to practicing
lawyers. His cyber-related research studies international law’s
role in regulating cyberthreats and the future of cybernorms. He is
part of a team headed by research scientists from MIT’s Computer
Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) that was
awarded a three-year U.S Department of Defense Minerva Grant for
inter-disciplinary analysis of existing norms of behavior and
governance in cyberspace.

Created in 1906, ASIL is the pre-eminent scholarly society in
the international law field. For more than a century, its
publications, conferences, and research and educational programs
have advanced the study and use of international law as a
cornerstone of a just and peaceful world.