Temple Law faculty, staff, and students were treated to a musical performance by the school’s three musical groups – Women’s Rea, Habeas Chorus, and Negli-gents – over the lunch hour on November 29th.

Video Highlights

Lawcappella consists of the following students:

Women’s Rea:
Alex Lastowski (Director), Lily Colon, Liz Bailey, Emma Tuohy, Cathy (Cramer) Climaco, Sarah Sharpless, Laura Cook, Meghan Byrnes, Helene Sivak, Nalynn Park, Sharon Ulak, Melissa Pang

Alex Varghese (Director), Alex Radus, Eric Spangler, Jared Burns, David McHale, Adam Wright, Gabe Epstein, Anson Jeng, Patrick Shea

Habeas Chorus:
Emma Tuohy (Director), Alex Lastowski, Rebecca Prosper, Teena Handline, Melissa Pang, Sarah Sharpless, Brian Auerbach, Jared Burns, Gabe Epstein, Frank Klepadlo, Alex Radus, Eric Spangler, Victor de Meireles, Anson Jeng, Alex Varghese