Fifteen Temple Law and Public Policy Scholars traveled to Minneapolis last weekend for the annual meeting of the Law and Society Association, where they presented their work on 13 panels alongside professors and professionals from a variety of related disciplines.  The Scholars presented work on the following panels and topics:

Regulating the Internet – Gerard Leone, How Are We Supposed to Regulate the Internet?: The Means and Rationales of the Forms of the United States’ Two Potential Regulatory Regimes

Violence Against Women and Children: Legal and Cultural Constructions of Criminality – Aaron Spencer, Sexual Assault in the Military, and Lauren Marsh, The Intersection of Domestic Violence and International Child Abduction

Regulating Risky Financial Products – Michael Resnick, Financial Regulation, the Volcker Rule and an Appropriate Governmental Response to Financial Risk

Contemporary Advocacy for Social Policy – Elyssa Geschwind, Moving from an Enforcement Model to a Compliance Model Under the Fair Housing Act

Technology and Access to Justice – Jessica Pelliciotta, Connected Cities: A Comparison of Citywide Efforts to Increase Broadband Adoption and Broadband Speeds

Reinstating Public Banking and Financing – Frank Iannuzzi, Reviving Postal Banking: Utility Finance for the Contemporary American Citizen

The Administration of Tax Systems – Jared Burns, In Support of a Modified Marketplace Fairness Act

Law’s “Treatment” of Sexuality – Andrea Anastasi, Coming Out Against Conversion Therapy: Legal Responses to the Solution Without A Problem

International Law to Combat Water Pollution – Ben Kraut, Mitigating Future Water Conflict Through the Universal Proliferation of the “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses” and Mary Jones, Two if by Sea: The Solution to Marine Pollution Requires More Problem-Solving

Specialized Courts: Process and Evaluation – Sarah Escalante, Philadelphia Discovery Court

The Contemporary Challenges of Mandatory Vaccination – Leslie Allen, How to Avoid a Market Failure in the Case of an HIV Vaccine

Prisons and Prisoners – Chris Yaracs, Punishment Profiteers: Mass Incarceration, Prison Privatization, and Our Growing Corrections Economy

Promoting Business Morality – Rachel Matesic, Government Bake Sales and Welfare Sponsorships: Public-Private Partnerships in the Modern Economy