International Law Society leadership and international LLM students with panelists Dr. Jason (Jiazhong) Luo JD ‘13, Stefanie Rosca LLM ’14 JD ‘17, and Assistant Dean John Smagula.

On April 20, 2023, Temple Law’s International Law Society, in collaboration with the Office of Graduate & International Programs, hosted a “Careers in International Law” panel. The event, nearly filling the large classroom, featured two distinguished speakers, Dr. Jason (Jiazhong) Luo, JD ‘13, from Duane Morris and Stefania Rosca, LLM ’14 JD ’17, from Skadden. Assistant Dean for Graduate & International Programs John Smagula moderated the discussion.

Dr. Luo, a partner at Duane Morris, practices intellectual property law with a focus on all aspects of patent law, including prosecution, due diligence, opinion, and litigation. Ms. Rosca, as an associate at Skadden, works in corporate and complex commercial litigation practice. Both speakers shared their experiences working on international legal cases and provided valuable advice for aspiring international lawyers.

The panel focused on the various facets of international law and highlighted the importance of understanding the nuances of other cultures and legal systems. Dr. Luo emphasized the need for creativity and strategic thinking in developing arguments and finding solutions. He also stressed the importance of being able to work collaboratively with others, as many international legal issues require input from lawyers with different areas of expertise. Ms. Rosca echoed these sentiments and emphasized the importance of adapting to different legal systems. She spoke about her experience working with lawyers from other countries and the importance of communication when working with colleagues from different countries or when working on issues with international aspects.

Furthermore, the speakers each defined what constitutes an international lawyer based on their own experiences. For Dr. Luo, an international lawyer is an individual who has a working knowledge of the law of other countries and can advise international clients. He cited his own experience as an attorney practicing in the United States but having knowledge of Chinese and Japanese patent law as an example of how his background proved valuable to international clients and issues.

On the other hand, Ms. Rosca defined an international lawyer as one who can adapt their knowledge to the local legal system to aid international clients. She cited her own experience practicing law in another country across borders as an example of how international lawyers can be effective in helping clients navigate unfamiliar legal systems. However, despite their different definitions, both speakers agreed that at its core, an international lawyer is one who can assist clients across linguistic and national barriers.

The panel also addressed the various career paths available to aspiring international lawyers. While there is no singular path to a career in international law, the speakers emphasized taking advantage of international opportunities that may arise within one’s practice. They also stressed the importance of networking and connecting with professionals in the field. Dr. Luo spoke about the value of building relationships with professionals in fields of interest, while Ms. Rosca highlighted the value of mentorship and building relationships with colleagues at one’s firm.

In addition to discussing their own career paths, the speakers provided advice for students participating in the upcoming On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) season. They stressed the need for students to conduct mock interviews and have a prepared answer for the often-asked “tell me about yourself” question. They also encouraged students to be curious, take initiative, and ask questions during interviews to demonstrate their interest in the field and learn more about it.

Overall, the “Careers in International Law” panel was enlightening and inspiring. Dr. Jason (Jiazhong) Luo and Stefania Rosca’s insights and advice provided valuable guidance for individuals interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

An audio recording of the panel discussion can be accessed here.