For the second time in as many years, Dean JoAnne Epps has been listed among the 100 most influential black attorneys in the country by On Being a Black Lawyer (OBABL).

OBABL will publish the 2nd annual edition of “The Power 100” on February 1, 2013 in honor of Black History Month. The publication will be available online and will feature profiles of
the nation’s most influential black attorneys working in government, academics, and both the public and private sectors. It will also include profiles of non-black attorneys who have championed diversity. To read Dean Epps’ profile, click here.

OBABL’s editorial team, together with a group of advisers, spent months researching prospective candidates. The selection committee read trade publications, blogs, and critical reviews. A portion of the candidates had appeared on past lists of influential lawyers. For this group, the committee considered whether the candidate’s
influence and relevance had increased since the time he or she was last honored. In addition to naming the 100 most influential black attorneys, the committee also included profiles of ten up and coming black attorneys.

OBABL publisher Yolanda Young notes that according to the American Bar Association, less than 5% of U.S. attorneys are African American. OBABL seeks to help advance diversity in the legal profession.

On Being a Black Lawyer, which is owned by Lawyers of Color Inc., has been recognized by the American Bar Association, National Black Law Students Association, and National Association of Black Journalists. Founded in 2008 as a news and resource center, the company has grown into a social media firm providing research, career development, and brand marketing opportunities to clients.