It’s that time of year when the Temple Law community rallies around SPIN, the Student Public Interest Network, to raise grant money for students doing public interest work over the coming summer. The organization’s signature event – the annual SPIN Auction – is happening online all week and live at Duane Morris LLP this Thursday evening.

Not everyone’s donation is ideal for auction, however, which
prompts some members of the community to get creative. Alex Radus, an established singer-songwriter in his final year at Temple Law, found a way this year to do just that. “I’ve been promising my law school friends that I’d do a show in Philly since 1L year. I live pretty far north of Philly and most of my performances are up here, so they’re usually hard for people to attend,” Alex explained. “But I thought it would be a lot more fun for everyone–and more impactful–if the show was bigger than just me, and more about the law school community …. a musical fundraiser for SPIN seemed like the ideal opportunity.”

Alex ‘s agent got in touch with Hal Real, the owner of World Café Live and himself a member of the class of 1977. They worked out a deal that put Alex on stage before a packed house on March 10, 2013 and more than $500 in the hands of SPIN when all was said and done.  It also gave Alex something that he had been looking for throughout his law school career: the chance to give back. “I haven’t been able to give back the way many of my classmates have-through clubs, ACE, or working as a TA (due to his long commute),” Alex explained. “It was important to me to join their efforts.”

Click here for details about this week’s SPIN Auction. Click here for more information about Alex Radus.