Two of Temple Law School’s historic strengths are once again on display in the 2025 US News and World Report rankings. The trial advocacy program, widely regarded by peers and practitioners as among the best at preparing students for courtroom success, tied for the #1 ranking. And the evening division, heralded as essential to the law school’s mission of access and excellence, rose to #4 among part-time programs. Temple Law School was ranked among the top 20 in two additional specialties, Health Law (#15) and International Law (#16). The law school’s overall rank is #54. 

“I am consistently inspired by our faculty’s commitment to scholarship, teaching, and service,” said Dean Rachel Rebouché, “but even more to our students’ success, both in law school and as they begin their careers. These rankings are welcome recognition of those efforts and of the continued importance of access and excellence, both hallmarks of a Temple legal education.” 

The dean offered high praise for Temple’s trial advocacy program, which has never been ranked far from the top spot it now enjoys. “Trial advocacy is at the heart of much of legal practice, and it is certainly at the heart of Temple Law,” she said. “Our program here is a shining example of our commitment to student success. Far from training students to conform to one way of doing things, our trial advocacy faculty help each student find their own voice and presence in the courtroom and beyond. They not only deliver skills, but they also instill confidence in students that they offer something unique to each client, case, or cause.” 

As the school has grown in size and reputation, Temple’s evening program has made an excellent legal education available to students from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including working professionals, parents, and nontraditional students. “Temple’s evening division is a fantastic opportunity for people with a great deal of perspective and experience to get their law degree and contribute to the bench and bar,” said Dean Rebouché. 

Another recent ranking affirms that Temple graduates are enjoying success in the profession. In’s annual Go-To Law Schools Report, ranking the top 50 law schools on graduate job placement, Temple jumped 11 spots to #36 for positions in large law firms. The school also ranked highly for government jobs (#29) and public interest work (#25), two traditional strengths. The rankings were based on employment data for the Class of 2023, which was recently submitted to the American Bar Association. Temple graduates achieved a 95.2% employment rate, and a 93.3% rate for “good jobs” – full-time, long-term, bar passage required or JD advantage. “What these rankings confirm is that a Temple Law degree prepares you for success on your terms—whether that’s in private practice, for government, or working in the public interest,” said the dean. “Temple Law is committed to providing access to an excellent legal education, shaping outstanding students into exceptional lawyers, and then launching them to professional success. I am tremendously proud of what we do.”