Access to Temple Law Library’s special collections is granted on a case-by-case basis, when the requestor needs access to physical copies of the materials for research reasons. Below are the guidelines for access and handling:

  • Anyone interested in using the collections should contact the Law Library for a phone or email consultation. If appropriate, following the initial consultation the requestor can make an appointment for in-person access to the materials.
  • Before access is granted, the requested materials’ condition will be evaluated by the library staff member in charge of the collection to ensure the materials can be handled safely. If one or more objects cannot be handled safely, the requestor may be referred to digital copies of the materials (if available), or the library may scan relevant page(s) if doing so will not harm the object.
  • The materials cannot leave the library, and their use must be supervised by a library staff member.
  • The materials cannot be left unattended in an unsecured area.
  • Anyone handling special collections must have clean, dry hands (recently washed with soap and water). Gloves are NOT to be used when handling the objects. Hands should be washed periodically as needed.
  • The materials are to be placed on a flat, clean surface, and object supports should be used as appropriate.
  • Researchers cannot use pens or markers anywhere in the vicinity of the objects. Laptops and pencils are permitted.
  • Flash photography is permitted, but light exposure should be minimized.
  • Temple Law Library does not facilitate copyright/usage requests. The researcher must assess whether permissions are needed and, if so, obtain them.

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