The Elderly Law Project Clinic

The Elderly Law Project is an in-house clinical that can be taken after the doctrinal course Law and Aging which is a prerequisite.  Students will handle cases that are generated in their job placements at senior citizen centers and senior residential facilities as well as some assigned by the professor.  They will work with clients from the point of initial interview and intake through to completion of the case whenever possible.  The legal problems confronted run the gamut of civil legal issues for Philadelphia residents who are 60 years old and older.  We focus upon public entitlement issues but also write Wills and Health Care Directives, for free, and assist in whatever legal problems the clients bring to us, at the intake sites. Students, in the clinic, become legal interns in a small legal service office and have the opportunity to problem solve, not only on their own, but as a group with their peers and professor.  Our case review sessions benefit everyone by sharing case details, with one another, and sharpening the skills necessary in solving legal problems in the very best way possible. Law and Aging is a prerequisite for enrollment in the clinic.


  • Client intake, interviewing and counseling skills
  • Problem solving for client’s best outcome
  • Litigation and hearing skills (e.g. drafting letters, briefs, negotiations, hearing)
  • Systemic advocacy skills (e.g. public policy advocacy, community education)