January 01, 1970

The theme of this exceptionally useful book is simple but essential – as the number of trials plummets, the importance of the deposition as a tool to secure a favorable non-trial disposition increases exponentially.  The TUTORIAL is the ultimate guide on how to rethink the deposition and still have it in hand if the case goes to trial.

The design of the text is especially user friendly.  Professors Bocchino and Sonenshein don’t merely lecture – each section includes questions posed by an avid if anonymous learner, and each answer is pointed and comprehensible.  Whether it be the list of five ways a deposition may be used at trial or the more elaborate explanation of which objections may/must be raised at the deposition, the TUTORIAL leaves no concern unanswered.

There is a final aspect to the DEPOSITION TUTORIAL that makes it the complete teaching tool.  It repeatedly reverts to a mock transcript, based on a NITA case file, to illustrate the technique(s) at issue.  It is no surprise that the book is already being extolled by masters in advocacy education – it is the most forward-thinking approach to depositions available.


THE DEPOSITION  TUTORIAL   Anthony Bocchino David Sonenshein National Institute for Trial Advocacy (2018)