May 26, 2017

In a criminal litigation world where trials are few and sentencings are the norm, the art of the mitigation investigation and presentation is key.  What is “mitigation?”  It is the evidence that contextualizes a client’s behavior and is relevant to the degree of blameworthiness and the severity of consequence; and the art and science are in its discovery and coherent and persuasive presentation.

Death penalty lawyers have elevated this to both art and science over the past decades, and TELL THE CLIENT’S STORY is Bible, technical manual, inspiration, and toolkit for such work.  With chapters from true experts, it is an essential not only to those who labor in the arena of capital case litigation, sometimes called the ‘brain surgery’ of criminal law, but to all who recognize that representation of a client does not end with a verdict and requires attention to context, degrees of culpability, and ultimately the humanity of the client.  This is an essential for all who seek to effectively represent a client facing sentencing.